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Lost Tower of Ansavir.jpg

The Lost Tower
of Ansavir

An OSR adventure for character levels 3-5

Across the mist-shrouded lands, where whispers of forgotten tales echo through the ages, stands the fabled Lost Tower of Ansavir. Its crumbling spires pierce the heavens, casting long shadows upon the land. Legends speak of its fabulous treasures, but also of the harrowing fate that befalls all who dare enter—the descent into madness and the clutches of death itself.


The treasures of Ansavir beckon, daring you to step into the unknown. Will you succumb to the perils that lurks within, or will you emerge triumphant, clutching the priceless rewards that await? The choice is yours. Forge your path through the mysteries that lie ahead, for within the darkness, unimaginable riches await those who dare to claim them.

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Work-in-progress cover shown above

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