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Sorceror's Peak

An OSR adventure for character levels 5-7

Sorcerer's Peak. The ancient abode of the legendary sorcerer Thraxar. Venture into the heart of a treacherous labyrinth, where unimaginable riches await the bold and the cunning. Rumored to be brimming with fabled treasures, Sorcerer's Peak is a place of wonder and peril, where only the most intrepid adventurers can hope to survive its deadly trials.


Descend into the depths of the dungeons, where Thraxar's cunning traps and vicious guardians lie in wait. Beyond these perilous obstacles lies the promise of unimaginable wealth and artifacts of immeasurable power.

Will you prove yourself worthy and overcome the daunting challenges that lie ahead?

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Work-in-progress cover shown above

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