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Death May Die.jpg

Even Death
May Die

An OSR adventure for character levels 11-13

In the desolate expanse of a distant wasteland, where the sun hangs low in a blood-red sky, lies the remnants of an ancient civilization. Their crumbling ruins stand as a testament to a forgotten era, etched with enigmatic symbols and echoing with the whispers of untold knowledge. But beneath the surface of these forsaken edifices, an unspeakable evil stirs—a horror that guards secrets beyond the comprehension of mortal minds.

Venture into the heart of the ancient ruins and face the eldritch monstrosity that now walks the world once more. The fate of the realm teeters on the precipice, and only the brave can hope to defeat this nameless abomination.

Adventure Covers 1st Ed_updated-Alternate_212.jpg

Work-in-progress cover shown above

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