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We've got a wide range of adventures in development and each of those will be available not only for 1st edition rules but also as pdfs adapted to other OSRs including Old School Essentials, Swords & Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord systems.

The quest begins here.

We Love Blue Maps.

All of our adventures and accessories are designed to evoke the classic feel of the early editions. Our modules are formatted at 8.5" x 11", with a full colour removable cover and a glorious black and white interior layout featuring gorgeous old school style illustrations. And we can't forget those great blue maps that launched so many epic quests.

But we've also learned a thing or two since the old days. We want our adventures to be easy to use with minimal setup. So we've made sure that all the information is clearly organized, with chapter breaks, appendices, overviews and descriptive text for every encounter area. 

Latest and Upcoming Releases
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